With over 8+ hours of video lessons, SuperHi's crypto course shows you how to code websites that interact with the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts in a practical, real-world, no-hype, no-BS, ethical way.

Available as part of SuperHi Unlimited (US$360/year) or standalone (US$299)

About the course

Crypto is one of largest shifts in how the web works in decades... to the point where people are calling this new phase 'Web 3', but what is this shift and why is it happening?

Crypto lets data be completely decentralized so that there isn't one company or service holding all the cards. If, say, Instagram shuts down tomorrow, all your Instagram data is lost forever... this does not happen with crypto as everything is permanently stored online publicly. This lets us as creatives make brand new concepts that were previously thousands of lines of complex coding much simpler (or concepts that just didn't exist at all!). Crypto lets you remix projects like never before and for us, it's one of the largest movements since the open source movement.

This course is for anyone looking to create websites that can interact with blockchain technology. If you're wanting to...

...this course is perfect for you.

What you'll learn...

Technical version



Helen Christou

Project 1

Released Sept 14th

In this first project you'll add a tip jar to a portfolio website – a super simple way to accept money without having to use PayPal, Stripe, or any other payment gateway.

We'll lay the groundwork on what exactly crypto is, why we would use Ethereum, how to connect a digital wallet to the Ethereum blockchain, and how to transfer Ether payments to other digital accounts.

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