<aside> 👉 We want you to meet with a variety of people from different teams, and get a sense of what it’s like to work together. This means our interview process takes a bit more time than most places so we can get to know each other.



We post our job ads in several places to get as many candidates applying as possible. In the past we have had several thousand candidates for one individual role, so it can take a while for us to get through everyone's applications as a small team.

We generally get the number of applications down to around 10 at this point. Unfortunately, we have to reject a lot of great people who weren't the exact fit for the role.

We don't look at years of experience, but mostly at proof of that person being able to do the role capably. We have hired people with both much less and much more experience than the initial job ad so don't let the above put you off applying!

Interview #1

Our first interview is a conversational-style interview. The best way to prepare for this is to spend some time reflecting on all of the experiences you've had and the things you've done to bring you to the point you're at today. No need to swot up on anything, it's more of a two-sided conversation than us "grilling" you.

Paid test

If you make it past the first interview, you will receive a test related to the role. It won't be a long test, just a couple of hours maximum, and you will be fairly paid for your time.

We know that interview tests are not the best way to judge someone's skill sets so we'll always give you the benefit of the doubt on your completed test.

Interview #2

Next, you will meet several members of the team so you get to know the people you could be working with, and the problems they’re currently solving.

We make a decision after collecting lots of diverse feedback from various team members. The hiring team will take the time to meet, and come back to you with a decision.


To get a sense of what you are like as a teammate we ask that candidates provide two references that they have collaborated with in the past. We don’t have requirements around who these people need to be but we ask that you’ve interfaced with them sometime in the last four years.