Parental Leave

Everyone at SuperHi is entitled to take parental leave when a new family member arrives, either by birth, adoption, or foster care.

For all parental caregivers who have been with SuperHi for at least one year, leave is up to 16 weeks at 100% pay.

If you’ve been at SuperHi less than a year, your parental leave benefits will be prorated. You’ll receive 2 + (14 * months of service / 12) weeks of paid leave. We recommend that all caregivers, including adoptive and foster parents, take at least 8 weeks off (at 100% pay) to bond with a new family member.

In situations where a child is lost at any point during pregnancy, birth (or shortly thereafter), parental caregivers are afforded up to 6 weeks of paid leave, with a flexible work schedule for an additional four weeks so they can ease back into work. We understand that people deal with grief differently and that more time away from work may be necessary. If you need additional time, please contact your manager and/or Navya. We’ll try and provide additional unpaid time away from work to meet your physical and emotional needs.

See the time-off section of the handbook for more information about taking sick leave when your child is unwell.

Part time + Flex time

After you’ve taken your Parental Leave, you have the option to work half-time (20 hours per week) at half pay for up to one year. You can take full advantage of this regardless of how long you’ve been at SuperHi.

Employees returning from Parental Leave may also work a schedule that does not conform to our usual working hours (flex time). Your ability to work flex time depends on your role and will be considered and approved on a case-by-case basis following discussions with you and your manager/team.

Vacation time under parental leave

While you are on Parental Leave, your vacation days still accrue subject to the annual accrual cap. Vacation days accrue during part time leave as well, but at a slower rate.

Interaction with other leaves of absence

SuperHi Parental Leave runs concurrently with related and applicable federal, state, and local statutes. As soon as practicable after you learn of the need for Parental Leave, inform your manager and the Operations Team. You will be informed about your eligibility for different types of paid and unpaid leave during your absence. In some locations you may also be entitled to partial wage replacement through state short-term disability or Paid Family Leave programs. You are required to apply for all such programs if eligible. If the SuperHi policy is more generous than the state-specific policy, then the SuperHi policy takes precedence.

Parental leave benefits are available only once during any 12-month period, measured from the date the requested leave begins.