We know our workers do their best work when you have the ability to take a break as you need it, or tend to needs in your life as they arise. To that end, our Time Off policy is designed to be as flexible and accommodating as possible so that when you're at work, you're able to fully focus and do your best work.

Whenever you are out of the office for non-work-related reasons, you must notify your manager in advance that you will be out of the office, and you must enter the times of your absence into our human resources software.

Vacation days

We consider vacation time extremely important to your overall happiness and well-being. Each employee gets 25 vacation days per employment year – this number is separate from public holidays below so you'll get 25 days plus public holidays.

To take vacation time, request time off from your manager and give plenty of notice. Once it has been approved, record the time in CharlieHR.

This notice isn't set in stone and we can be flexible in special circumstances, but please do give notice as early as possible whenever you can.

We actively encourage you to take vacation days – your manager will be looking at your days taken on a regular basis to make sure you're getting enough time off! Please also get in touch with your manager if you have any feedback about our vacation policy as we’d love to hear from you and to work to actively improve all of our policies.

Public holidays

Public (or "bank") holidays are based on the location of the staff members, for example, staff in the UK would follow UK bank holidays and US staff would follow US public holidays. We feel like this is a way for you to spend more time with family and friends rather than following a fixed, international set of public holidays.

Please let your manager or your team know if there is a public holiday coming up within a week of that holiday so they can prepare accordingly.

Sick days

SuperHi has a flexible sick day policy, subject to our applicable leaves of absence. This time off is to be used for your own personal well-being. Rest, go see a doctor, do whatever you need to do to get back to feeling 100%.

To take a sick day:

If you’re sick for 7 consecutive days (including weekends) due to your own health condition, you will be removed from “sick time” and placed on short-term disability insurance, which SuperHi pays for every employee. In some locations, this may be provided through the state.